The Always Nourished Sugar Fix Course

A step-by-step system to help women struggling with PCOS and unpredictable periods create sustainable eating habits and lifestyle practices so they can easily ‘BYE-BYE’ to all the sugar.

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"Getting serious about your nutrition and feeling confident about the foods you put into your body is an AMAZING FIRST STEP in taking control of your PCOS and (FINALLY) getting a predictable period..."

What's Inside The Sugar Fix Course...

Get On-Going Access to Course Content

  • You'll get lifetime access to 6+ Modules (which include prerecorded audio and PDF lessons) in a private member's area
  • You'll get meal guides, recipe books and additional PCOS resources to help get you  started on your PCOS Freedom journey

The Always Nourished Sugar Fix can help you start reducing the amount of sugar you consume in a day so you can start to better manage your PCOS and your periods and build confidence in your food and lifestyle choices as soon as you begin. 

And because you’ll get ongoing access to the course materials FOR LIFE you can go through the course at your own pace and come back to material as often as you need to!

What's Included In Each Module

  • Welcome To The Course - Learn why making the commitment to trying a different approach to PCOS is so important.

  • Module 1: The Problem With SugarDiscover the real problem with sugar and why that’s important for managing PCOS and predictable periods.

  • Module 2: All About Blood SugarLearn about the connection between blood sugar, insulin resistance and hormone imbalance in PCOS and what to do about it.

  • Module 3: Time To Ditch The SugarDiscover the simple strategy to keep sugar intake in check and avoid the worst forms of sugar when it comes to managing PCOS.

  • Module 4: What To Eat For PCOS - Learn how to build a balanced plate at mealtime and how to prioritize PCOS-friendly, low-sugar foods.

  •  Module 5: How To Deal With Sugar CravingsDiscover why sugar cravings may be happening, how to deal with them and practical strategies to help get through the next craving.

  • Module 6: You Did It! And Next StepsCelebrating all the hard work of ditching the sugar, prioritizing PCOS-friendly foods and talking about the next steps in your PCOS journey.

  • Bonus! Sample Meal Guides and Recipe BooksNo-sugar-added, PCOS-friendly meal and recipe inspiration for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Bonus! Other PCOS and Sugar ResourcesAdditional support to manage PCOS and get a predictable period.

Is The Always Nourished Sugar Fix Right For You?

The Sugar Fix Is For You If...

  • You are feeling really lost and confused and unsure of how to move forward with PCOS and what you’re next step should be
  • You’re frustrated with the lack of support, options and being told over and over again to just eat better (with no explanation of what that even means) and are craving a different approach
  • You’ve heard that sugar isn’t great for PCOS but you are unaware of how much sugar you’re eating in a day and how all that sugar is actually affecting your body
  • You have been trying out ALL the trendy dieting tips and tricks on Instagram and not seeing the results you want (leaving you feeling discouraged and frustrated in your PCOS journey)
  • You’ve tried to ditch the sugar before and weren’t able to make it last or work for you

The Sugar Fix Is NOT For You If...

  • You do not have PCOS
  • You do not struggle with unpredictable periods or other PCOS symptoms
  • You are actively working with a practitioner (in any capacity, such as in-person, online courses, group programs, etc) to manage your PCOS and periods
  • You are currently following a nutrition and lifestyle that has been getting you the results you want
  • You are not coachable or willing to make changes to your food and lifestyle choices at this moment or in this season of life

More About The Always Nourished Sugar Fix...

This course has been specifically designed for the woman with PCOS who’s been struggling to get her PCOS and periods under control.

Working through the course and implementing the lessons into your daily life will help you...

  • Gain awareness around your sugar habits
  • Take steps to reduce the amount of sugar you eat daily
  • Learn how to spot the sugar in foods and food products
  • Better manage cravings for sweets and sugary foods
  • Get serious about your nutrition and make empowered food choices

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund?

There will not be any refunds issued for this course under any circumstances. Please review the Program Policies and Terms and Conditions before purchasing. 

Is there additional supported offered in the course?

No. This is a self-paced, self study course and additional support (consultations, private 1:1 consults, personalized protocols, etc) is not included at this time.  

How long does the course take to complete?

The audio lessons range from 6 to 20 minutes long. However, because a goal of the course is to help you develop healthy habits around food and nutrition, allow yourself at least 3 weeks to be able to fully implement and build lasting habits. You'll get on-going access to the course so remember to work through it at your own pace.