The Always Nourished Mission & Values

Our Mission

Being diagnosed with PCOS in 2018 was unexpected and devastating for me. And since then I have learned so much about taking control of my PCOS and my periods and I’ve made it my mission to share everything that I’ve learned so that other women don’t have to suffer with PCOS like I did. 

The mission of Always Nourished is to support, inspire and empower women with PCOS to take control of their symptoms naturally and with nutrition and lifestyle strategies so that they can finally get their period back without having to rely on the Pill or other meds.

Our Values 

Respect and Kindness / having conversations with love and compassion and without judgement, listening, treating others the way we want to be treated

Personal Growth and Mindset / learning, expanding, a positive perspective that allows us to be open to what’s possible

Progress (not perfection) / taking imperfect action, enjoying the journey, never giving up on yourself, focusing on the reasons why we want PCOS Freedom and how we want to feel instead of fixating on a result

Amazing Customer Experience / caring deeply about client success, going above and beyond to show support and love  

Honouring Yourself / striving to be true to ourselves and to be authentically us, embracing what we truly enjoy (and being honest about what you don’t) and finding more joy and happiness in life