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Hi, I'm Rebecca! I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of Always Nourished and The PCOS Freedom Formula.


I help women struggling with PCOS manage their unpredictable periods and other PCOS symptoms naturally (without having to rely on the Pill - because there is another option).



Here’s the truth… Making changes to my nutrition and prioritizing PCOS-friendly foods has been SERIOUSLY life-changing for me. 

It wasn’t until I finally decided to make my health and my periods top priority and got serious about my nutrition that everything began to shift for me - my period actually started to improve, I was having predictable monthly cycles and all those other symptoms I was dealing with started to improve too!

The best way to start taking control of your PCOS, your symptoms and your periods (without having to rely on all the meds, like The Pill) is to get serious about your nutrition and the foods you put into your body, and THAT STARTS WITH KNOWING WHICH FOODS ARE GOING TO NOURISH YOUR BODY FROM THE INSIDE OUT!


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