About Holistic Nutrition

Hey, I’m Rebecca and I’m a holistic nutritionist. 

Here’s the thing…

I think it’s absolutely amazing that so many more women are open to taking a more natural approach to their health and wellbeing. Exploring alternative practices for health can really be LIFE CHANGING and even though they have become more mainstream in the last decade they remain unknown for so many. 

But holistic nutrition - what does that even mean?

It’s not all woo-woo, crystals and green juice like many people are led to believe… 

(Though, not going to lie, I do love all of those things!)

Holistic nutrition is a preventative approach to health. It’s about being the healthiest you can be - physically, mentally and spiritually - and establishing optimal health for yourself. 

It isn’t about just treating only the symptoms and looking for quick fixes or band-aid solutions without lasting changes or results for the health concerns that are bothering you the most. 

It isn’t some sort of fad diet to follow or a one size fits all solution or taking some magic pill that will instantly fix things. 

Optimal health is feeling your very best (and who doesn’t want to start feeling their very best?!). 

Optimal health is a lifestyle and a mindset. 

I truly believe that holistic nutrition is a back-to-basics approach to health and wellness. It’s an approach that prioritizes the foods you are eating (and choosing more real, whole foods and fewer of the processed, refined and modified food products that are so abundant in grocery stores today). It’s also an approach that prioritizes sleep, stress management, mindset and healthy habits.

Holistic nutrition is a root-cause practice. It isn’t about just treating the symptoms but rather looking to address the root cause and why these symptoms are happening in the first place.

And that really is where the magic happens - without addressing the root cause for why certain symptoms are happening (ie. why you have PCOS in the first place), the band-aid solution just keeps falling off and you’re forced to keep dealing with the same issues time and time again. 

The holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle considers the whole body and takes into account the complete health history, emotional state and current lifestyle, nutrition habits and environment of the individual to determine imbalances in the body that are contributing to the symptom and then actively works towards correcting those imbalances with diet, lifestyle, supplements suggestions. It combines science with the unique nutritional requirements of the individual. 

Holistic nutrition is about finding what works for you. It’s about making choices that are right for you right now and fitting those into your lifestyle (and acknowledging that what worked for you in the past might not work now and that’s ok!).

As a holistic nutritionist, I consider myself to be an educator and leader in wellness (specifically for women with PCOS) and I use a whole body, real food and optimal health lifestyle approach to helping women with PCOS live an Always Nourished life. 

Health is so much more than a healthy recipe or how much kale you eat in a day; it’s the whole picture and the body, mind and spirit must all be included. 

And that is exactly what holistic nutrition is all about!

How Did I Become A Holistic Nutritionist?

Becoming a holistic nutritionist was about 10 years in the making for me. You can read more about my story and credentials here

I became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist after completing the Natural Nutrition program from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN). Program requirements include finishing (and assessment upon completion) of the Natural Nutrition Program courses, preparing multiple extensive case studies and follow-ups, writing a comprehensive final exam and achieving a minimum overall average of 80% in order to successfully graduate (CSNN only then grants the R.H.N. designation). 

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I abide by a strict code of ethics and scope of practice

How Can I Help You?

You can learn more about all the ways we can work together here.

I help women with PCOS get their periods back naturally without having to go back on the pill or other meds. 

I work with women one-on-one and as part of my group programs. I also offer self-paced informational products and programs to help you take control of your PCOS naturally. 

If we are a good fit to work together and you enroll as a client (either as a one-on-one or part of a group program), we meet to discuss your health goals, talk about your unique health history and PCOS journey and I will evaluate your nutritional needs while keeping a special focus on balancing hormones and blood sugar and reducing inflammation (the key factors that are likely affecting your PCOS in the first place).   

In addition to my signature PCOS Freedom protocols, I will provide you with individualized recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle and, if appropriate, natural health products and supplements to help you achieve your health goals. 

I am there to empower and lead you through this incredible transformation. I am there to keep you accountable and to support you along the way. I am there to encourage self-responsibility for you to take control of your health. 

Taking the steps to radically change your life is really challenging and hard and also beautiful and incredibly worth it and I am there to help you along the way. 

My area of specialty at the moment includes only women with PCOS who are struggling with irregular monthly periods. 

Learn more about working together here